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Jack and Steve, eh?



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The only thing more exciting than the supposed existential crisis that the NDP is going through is the internal bickering of the Conservatives. Well, that’s not entirely true; there’s also the Liberals’ rising poll numbers too. With these things taken into account the federal Liberals should be positively glowing right now. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not publically.

Iggy’s qualified remarks about future tax hikes may be taking some of the wind out of the Grtis’ sails. However, if framed correctly these shouldn’t be an issue down the road. Talking about the possibility of tax hikes is different than, say, saying you won’t tax income trust and then going ahead and doing it. And I hope that this tax ‘situation’ doesn’t come across as big of a story as, well, dragging your feet even after Canadian courts tell you to do something.

Unless something dramatic changes in the next few months our current governement is done. And seeing how there’s only one real and credible alternative in the Commons it won’t be long before Ignatieff’s meetings with senior American officials are done at 24 Sussex and the White House. Maybe it is time for Harper to find some snow to take a hike in


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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the Cole’s Notes round-up on Canadian politics, which I’ve completely ignored in recent months. Apparently, that was a great decision, if the Conservatives have floundered in that span. Should we expect this blog-a-day trend to continue?

    PS – Was anyone else horrified by the author’s use of the word ‘also’ in five consecutive sentences and seven of eight in the “Ignatieff heads to Washington” piece?

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