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First off, yes, I realize that this page is becoming increasingly dominated by Liberal politics. I swear, my intention for my next post wasn’t to talk about Iggy and his team; no, I was going to talk about hockey. But oh well, that can wait until the judges, the NHL and Jim get their acts together.

For now though I need to ruminate on one of those weird, blogosphere deja vu moments. Reading the latest story about Ignatieff’s response to the negative attack ads, I came across a few quotes that seem very familiar. In fact, they’re exactly what I was thinking.

Iggy: “But to Stephen Harper, to the Conservative party, Canadians who’ve lived outside the country are less Canadian because of it. Tell that to new Canadians born outside this country. Are they less Canadian because of it?”

Me: “Does this mean that if you’re a new Canadian that you’re somehow less of a Canadian? Not up-to-par with those Canadians that were born here, worked here and spent their lives in the country? I’d like to see them present that argument to the millions of ‘immigrant’ Canadians.”

Iggy: “Look, we need a new kind of politics, a better kind of politics, a politics that relies not on spite and spin but on civility and common purpose. That’s what’s demanded of us.”

Me: “It’s time for a new politics, but more on that in a future post…”

Now I’m not going to belabour the point, I’m fairly certain of the seven readers that this page gets Liberal operatives are not among them– and the similarity is probably a sign that I need to diversify the voices that I’m reading. But this is encouraging. The Liberals are giving smart, quick and honest answers and signalling that there is something new on the horizon. Thankfully.



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