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Journals Articles

2016 – “From Club to Network Diplomacy” (with Jorge Heine). Oxford Bibliographies: Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations. DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199743292-0137.

2015 – “Panaceas after Pandemonium? Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in the Wake of Protracted Conflicts” (with Jorge Heine). Global Governance, Vol. 21(3): 343-350.

2013 – “’All Transportation is Local’: Mobile-Digital-Networked-Technologies and Networked Orientations” (with M. Len Ball). Transfers – Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies, Vol. 3(1): 119-139.

2012 – “Tweeting as Statecraft: How, Against All Odds, Twitter is Changing the World’s Second Oldest Profession” (with Jorge Heine). Crossroads – The Macedonian Foreign Policy Journal, Vol. 3(2) April-October: 59-72.

2012 – “Cultural, Political, and Social Implications of Intellectual Property Law in an Informational Economy” (with Rosemary J. Coombe). In Culture, Civilization and Human Society, UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee (eds.), in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO (Oxford, UK: EOLSS Publishers), pp. 1-29.

2011 –  “What’s Feminist About Open Access? A Relational Approach to Copyright in the Academy” with Carys J. Craig and Rosemary J. Coombe, feminist@law, Vol. 1(1): 1-35.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

(FC) – “Global Governance, International Trade and the New Mega-regional Negotiations: The Case of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Latin America” (with Jorge Heine). In Daniel Drache and Lesley A. Jacobs (eds.), Grey Zones of Global Governance and Trade: Anti-Dumping, Subsidies, Human Rights, and Policy Spaces (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press).

2014  – “Free Trade Agreements and Global Policy Space After the Great Recession” (with Jorge Heine). In Daniel Drache and Lesley A. Jacobs (eds.), Linking Global Trade and Human Rights: New Policy Space in Hard Economic Times (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press), pp. 65-88.

2012 –“Celebrity Diplomats as Mobilizers? Celebrities and Activism in a Hypermediated Time”(with Andrew F. Cooper). In Tristan Borer (ed.), Media, Mobilization and Human Rights: Mediating Suffering (London, UK: ZedBooks), pp. 181-204.

2012 –  “Indigenous Cultural Heritage in Development and Trade: Perspectives from the Dynamics of Cultural Heritage Law and Policy” (with Rosemary J. Coombe). In Christoph B. Graber, Karolina Kuprecht and Jessica C. Lai (eds.), International Trade in Indigenous Cultural Heritage: Legal and Policy Issues (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar), pp. 272-305.

Book Reviews

2016  – Review of Networking Peripheries: Technological Futures and the Myth of Digital Universalism (Anita Say Chan, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2014), Canadian Journal of Communications, Vol. 41(3): 523-527.

2016  – Review of Innovation & Intellectual Property: Collaborative Dynamics in Africa (Jeremy de Beer, Chris Armstrong, Chidi Oguamanam, and Tobias Schonwetter, Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press. 2014), The IP Law Book Review, Vol. 6(1): 1-6.

2012 – Review Essay- “The Canadian Broadcasting Policy Tradition: Learning from the Past, Building for the Future”, Review of Broadcasting Policy in Canada (Robert Armstrong, Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 2010), Canadian Journal of Communication, Vol. 37(4): 637-639. 

2012  – Review of  Digital Solidarities, Communication Policy and Multi-Stakeholder Governance: The Legacy of the World Summit on the Information Society (Marcy Raboy, Normand Landry, and Jonathan Shtern, New York: Peter Lang. 2010), Canadian Journal of Communications, Vol. 37(3): 539-542.

Policy and Legal Analysis

Maximizing Opportunity, Mitigating Risk: Aligning Law, Policy and Practice to Strengthen Work-Integrated Learning in Ontario (with Lisa Philipps and Leslie Nichols). Toronto: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.
Read here.
Read Stakeholders Summary here.
Further Information here.

“‘Made in America’ 2015? The TPP and the Future of Canada’s Digital Economy”IPilogue: Feature Post, IPOsgoode, 7 March.
Read here.


“A Tidal Shift for the Digital Economy?”IPilogue: Feature Post, IPOsgoode, 23 June.
Read here.


“Intellectual Property, Politicians, and the Press: Who’s Protecting the Public Good?”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 10 December.
Read here.

“‘Users’ Rights and Realities: CCH, Fair Dealing, and the Experiences at Canadian Cultural Institutions'”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 26 October.
Read here.

“Making the CBC/Radio-Canada’s Giant Castle More User-Friendly”IPilogue: Feature Post, IPOsgoode, 11 August.
Read here.

“Alice Corp., Software Patents, and Lighting the Rabbit Hole of Abstract IdeasIPilogue, IPOsgoode, 15 July.
Read here.

“Canadian Digital Copyright’s Second Decade: What’s at Stake”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 18 June.
Read here.

“The Future of Copyright in a Global Context”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 7 May.
Read here.

“The Future of Rights: Intellectual Property, Economic Inequality, and the ‘Digital Divide'”IPilogue: Feature Post, IPOsgoode, 25 March.
Read here.

“iCanada: Budget 2014 and the Shape of a Digital Economy Strategy”IPilogue: Feature Post, IPOsgoode, 6 March.
Read Here.

“Can Capitalism and Cooperation Co-Exist? Tech-Sector Cross-Licensing and the Emergence of ‘Cooperative Capitalism'”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 12 February.
Read Here.

“Going the Way of the Doha? The TPP and Contested Intellectual Property and International Trade Linkages”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 21 January.
Read Here.

“Let’s #TalkTV, Eh! A Flash Conference Report from The Communications Policy Working Group” (with Maggie Reid and Emilia Zboralska), CPWG Conference Report 01/2014, 9 January.
Read Here.


“Canadians #TalkTV: The Question Surrounding Digital Content Licensing”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 4 December.
Read Here.

“The Ever-Present Need for Canada’s ‘Digital Economy Strategy'”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 12 November.
Read Here.

“The Incredible, Vanishing Internet (and the DMCA)”IPilogue, IPOsgoode, 25 October.
Read Here.


“Where’s the e-G20?”, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 19 May.
Read Here.

“The e-G8: The Digital Economy Comes of Age”, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 17 May.
Read Here.

“The G8 Goes Online: An International Internet Initiative”, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 25 February.
Read Here.


“Battlefield (Rare) Earth: Innovation, International Trade and the G20”, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 1 November.
Read Here.

Global Economic Growth: The G20’s New Raison D’être“, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 20 October.
Read Here.

Mending the Cracks: The G20’s Evolution“, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 16 June.
Read Here.

Summit Diplomacy, the G20 and IP: Bridging the Divide?“, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 11 June.
Read Here.

Intellectual Property and Global Governance: Worlds Apart?*“, Summit Speak, CIGIOnline, 4 June.
Read Here.


Inter-American Cooperation at a Crossroads“, CIGI Conference Report, 30 June.
Read Here.

Popular Press (selected)


“The downsides of post-secondary co-op work placements” (with Lisa Philipps and Leslie Nichols), The Globe and Mail, 27 October.


“iPad advances tech revolution”, Waterloo Region Record, 6 February. Editorial.
— this piece also appeared in the Guelph Mercury

“Stopping sexual assault”, The Cord Weekly, 26 March.

“The future of music”, The Cord Weekly, 12 March.

“An electoral tornado”, with Laura Carlson, The Cord Weekly, 27 February.

“More than a one-nighter: Serious dialogue about the election is vital considering its implications”, The Cord Weekly, 6 February.

“Armed scholars: GI Hawks”, with Dave Shore, The Cord Weekly, 30 January.

“Powderpuff plays for cancer”, The Cord Weekly, 23 January.

“WLU Students’ Union: Representing students’ interests?”, The Cord Weekly, 21 November.

“Anatomy of a student athlete”, with Lauren Millet, The Cord Weekly, 7 November.

“Halloween unique”, The Cord Weekly, 31 October.

“Part-timers’ predicament”, The Cord Weekly, 24 October.

“Student privacy at Laurier”, The Cord Weekly, 17 October.

“Laurier Votes 2007: Ontario’s Big Decision”, The Cord Weekly, 3 October.

“Hip-hop lives on”, The Cord Weekly, 3 October.

“McNabb accusations fall on deaf ears”, The Cord Weekly, 26 September.

“Fear and Loathing at Frosh Week: A Sun soaked journey into the heart of Laurier”, The Cord Weekly, 12 September.

“Kanye West makes it to graduation day”, The Cord Weekly, 12 September.

“Introducing Dr. Max Blouw”, The Cord Weekly, 3 September.


Man of The Hour“, The Cord Weekly, 28 September.

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